About Us

Calming busy brains

While the world we live in now is the best that has ever been, it has also never been busier. It demands more of us that we can give. We think about a thousand things, all at once.

We take this unnecessary thinking with us to bed, we sleep less and we are tired the next day. Day after day, night after night, this can easily turn into a negative snow ball effect resulting in insomnia, or worse, anxiety or depression.

The importance of sleep, blah, blah...

Sleeping is like 'trying to be healthy'. We all know what we need to do (eat more veggies, drink more water, exercise more), but we just don't do it.

We can't explain why this is. There is some sadistic pleasure about it. We'd rather watch a good TV show instead of going to bed a little earlier. We dabble into healthy foods and sleep occasionally and hope for the best.

How Drowsie is helping the world

Our sole purpose is to break this pattern. By turning countless hours of rolling around mindlessly in bed into a peaceful falling-asleep experience, we might just turn this negative snow ball effect into a positive one.

Drowsie is a very simple tool that allows you to do this. It lets you listen to sounds that you like, completely privately. So you actually enjoy going to bed every night.

How Drowsie Came To Be

Drowsie started with a simple idea.

Lack of sleep causes us to feel:

The list goes on...

We asked ourselves this question:

"How do we improve sleep so that we spend more time in the day feeling positive?"

We explored a variety of ideas including mattresses, cooling weighted blankets, guiding ceiling lights etc.

We learned that the ONE THING that truly helps to fall asleep is sleeping sounds at bedtime.

This is why apps like Calm and Headspace have boomed in recent times.

There was ONE PROBLEM. There was no means to consume these sounds comfortably and privately in bed.

So we got to work.

After months of research, we found a solution in the form of a wireless speaker. We knew the following was non-negotiable:​

Thin and extremely comfortable under the pillow
Silent enough so that the person next to you can't hear it
A battery that lasts all night long
Easy integration with all sleeping apps

We created and tested over 20 different prototypes including 3D printed plastic enclosures.

We share with you our journey of how Drowsie came to be.
Mark 1
Angled 'flaps' that are designed to 'spread' the sound to cover more pillow area
Mark 1.5 - CAD Design
Mark 1.16 - Final 3D printed speaker
After months of testing, we learned that this design was too thick and uncomfortable under the pillow. This was not a viable option.

We explored many different fabrics and we finally found the perfect fabric for Drowsie.
It ticked all boxes:

Appropriate texture
Looks like it belongs in the bedroom

So we got to work. Again.
Mark 8
First test with the new fabric. Prior to this, we had a general idea of what Drowsie needed to look like
Mark 8.1 - Promising result overall
Mark 8.12 - Added velcro to hide the charging cable
Mark 8.21 - Decided that velcro was annoying and changed the design to have a 'lip' to hide the charging cable
Mark 9
Final version of Drowsie...