Drowsie Instructions


Press and hold the ‘Drowsie logo’ button for 3 seconds to turn on/off.
Once a flashing blue/red light appears, Drowsie is ready to be paired.

Additional buttons:
Right - Press and hold to turn the volume down. Click once to skip to the next track.
Left - Press and hold to turn the volume up. Click once to skip to the previous track.

2. Bluetooth

On your phone, navigate to Settings > Bluetooth & Select ‘SweetDreams’ from the list of new devices.

3. Playing Sounds

To play sounds, navigate to the app that you wish to use, place Drowsie under your pillow and press play.

You can control the volume through your phone or by holding the left button for volume up & the right button for volume down.

4. Charging

Using your fingers, retract the fabric lip & pull to expose the charging cable.

Connect the USB cable provided to the charging cable on one end, and to a power point adapter on the other.

Red light: Drowsie is charging.
Blue light: Drowsie is fully charged.

5. Battery Life

A 2-hour charge provides 10+ hours of play time.

Charge every day if you play sounds all night.

Charge every 3-4 days if you play sounds for 2-3 hours a night.

6. Maintenance

Do not wash Drowsie in washing machine or submerse in water.

Use wet wipes to gently wipe off any marks and air dry.

7. Tips

iPhone users: To maximise the volume, go to ‘Settings > Music > EQ > Select Late Night’.

To save battery:
Double click the Left button to set Drowsie to turn off automatically after 1 hour. Double click it again to set it to turn off after 2 hours. Double click it again to set it to play all night.

For the best Drowsie experience, place it under your pillow directly below your ear.

8. Troubleshooting

If there are any issues, please email us at info@drowsie.com. One of our friendly customer service staff will attend to your query within 24 hours.